2018 Bandit 4680 Track

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HSID: 239032
Start Date: 07/14/21 02:30pm (EST)
End Date: 07/26/21 11:00pm (EST)
Category: OffRoad
DMV Title Type: Salvage
Damage: Wrecked
Year: 2018
Make: Bandit
Model: 4680 Track
Vin #: 507222
Mileage: 189
Location: Columbia MO 65201
Daily Storage Fee: Not Reported
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Additional Comments

Was being moved on the back of a tractor and hit by a train
ACV: $900,000
Estimate: $1.08 million


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Tire Info

Tire Size Front: --
Tire Size Rear: --
Wheel Size: --
Number of Aluminium Wheels: --
Number of Steel Wheels: --
Comments: --

Tire Damage

Tire damage not available