National Truck and Heavy Equipment Claims Council - Heavy Salvage is a sponsor member of this organization. This organization exists:

  • To consider and deal by all lawful means with common problems of the members in the handling of insurance claims in truck and heavy equipment.
  • To promote and develop a high standard of ethics in the handling of insurance claims and to promote activities designed to enable members to expedite and to make more efficient the servicing of insurance claims for the public.
  • To promote safety in the ownership and use of trucks and heavy equipment and foster studies into the causes of highway accidents and ways and means of reducing the number of such accidents.
  • To bring about wider public recognition and acceptance of the functions of insurance.

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America - This is an advocacy group for truck, auto and business insurance companies that write almost 40% of the nation's property and casualty insurance. This site provides information on Advocacy, Public Policy, Insurance Industry issues and Publications.