2004 Sterling LT9500

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09-19-2023 09:03am (EST) Title updated
DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that some Florida Salvage may have a Florida Certificate of Destruction. Salvage posted in states outside the State of Florida will have a Salvage Title. Any salvage advertised is sold "as is, where is." The description of damage is not intended to be a complete list of the damage, and other damage may exist. All wrecked salvage has the potential for frame damage. No bid adjustments will be made for frame damage. Company allows buyer maximum of 5 days to pick up salvage once salvage has been released. Any storage accrued after the initial 5 days following the award letter, will be the responsibility of the salvage buyer. Confirmation that salvage has been picked up is required within 5 days. Please do not hesitate to contact Gulf-Atlantic Claims Service at 866-801-4577 with any questions or concerns. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE VEHICLE OWNERS UNLESS APPROVED BY OUR OFFICE.
HSID: 318383
Start Date: 09/19/23 08:48am (EST)
End Date: 09/24/23 10:00pm (EST)
Category: Truck
DMV Title Type: Parts Only/Destruction/Junk
Damage: Burned
Year: 2004
Make: Sterling
Model: LT9500
Vin #: 2FZHAZAS74AM25474
Mileage: 1,300,000
Location: Deland, FL 32724
Daily Storage Fee: Not Reported
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Additional Comments

This had a fire behind the dash. The engine did not have any oil in it and the coolant was empty too.
Engine 1: No oil in Engine and no coolant. Claimed engine rebuilt 200,000 miles ago.


Make: Caterpillar
Model: C12
Horsepower: 340
Hours: --
Brake: Yes
APU: --
Cylinders: 6
Serial #: --
Comments: No oil in Engine and no coolant. Claimed engine rebuilt 200,000 miles ago.


Make: Eaton/Fuller
Model: 10-SPEED
Comments: --

Truck Details

Cab: Conventional
Cab Style: Day

Axle Details

Axle Type: Tandem
Rear Rating: 40000
Front Rating: 12768
Suspension: 4 Air Bag
Brakes: Air


Number Of Tanks: 2
Fuel Tank Size: 100
Fuel Tank Type: Aluminum
Fuel Type: Diesel

Tire Info

Tire Size Front: 275/70R22.5
Tire Size Rear: 255/70R22.5
Wheel Size: 22.5
Number of Aluminium Wheels: 10
Number of Steel Wheels: --
Comments: --

Tire Damage

*Damaged tires appear in orange.
15 / 32
14 / 32
/ 32
/ 32
13 / 32
13 / 32
13 / 32
11 / 32
12 / 32
13 / 32
13 / 32
11 / 32