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We guarantee every buyer on our site is verified and ready to quickly bid on your listing. Registering and setting up listings are easy with our 24-hour bid management platform. Our guaranteed offer program ensures that you get the highest return value on your salvage while never paying any fees--saving you money with every click.

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Selling Truck Salvage

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  • Fill out a few details about your listing and immediatedly notify thousands of potential buyers
  • Receive quality bids from our trusted buyers

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  • All your listings are stored in your selling history.
  • You can easily review current bids and accept or reject the bids for any of your listings
  • Smart filters help you get to the listings that are the most important
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Export your data

  • You can export all your listing data for review and building your own reports

Hundreds of Verified Buyers are Ready to Bid

Want to see a significant claims expense savings with our easy-to-use system of processing transportation salvage? Heavy Salvage knows you need an efficient, low-cost system for selling trucks, trailers, equipment and more in one place. Whether you're an insurance adjuster or a representative from an insurance company, we believe Heavy Salvage is the best place available on the web for selling your transportation salvage. Hundreds of verified buyers are eager to bid on your salvage. Getting started with Heavy Salvage is easy:

Step One: Register

Registration is a straightforward process. We will collect basic contact information and explain our user agreement.

Step Two: Submit Listings

Heavy Salvage is the easiest-to-use salvage listing service on the internet. We've intentionally kept the process as quick as possible because we know your time is valuable.

Step Three: Collect Bids

Our bidders are registered, monitored, verified and experienced with insurance company salvage.

Step Four: Select a Winning Bid

Once bidding ends, you may select a winning bid or choose to reject all bids. If a Heavy Salvage bidder is selected, you pay nothing.

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